Idiocracy– welcome to 1984

In 2008,to enflame the silent minority, Barack Obama was elected.  Resentment of the Black Man in the White House during a period of’political correctness’ meant that people could not say what they felt.

Some acted on their hatred, murdering black men and women.  Others allowed their anger to boil within them. They were  easy prey for a manipulator who could play on their prejudices.  As they were not well educated nor aware of global realities they could be told anything and were not simply unable to verify it, but unwilling.

It is vital to recall that in George Orwell’s classic 1984  the population was so subjected to mind control that they could not allow themselves to think ‘anti’ to Big Brother.   The ‘thought police’  were activated when some one had those unapproved thoughts.

This kind of self prison was a hallmark of the life in 1984,  and has been confirmed today.

With t Smart phones at  ears,  their minds captured, the sheep are unaware of what was actually happening around them. They go blithely along, eminently usable by those who want to use them.

In the book there was a man; “Goldstein”  who was used as the target, and Eastasia and Eurasia, one of which was the enemy.   When Oceania finished war with Eastasia,  the propaganda would be   ‘we are at war with Eurasia, we have always been at war with Eurasia’,  so those who recalled yesterday it was Eastasia, but the Ministry of Truth would have destroyed all references to Eastasia, so that the ‘find and replace’ practice would make one’s memory incorrect.

Today, the enemy is now those of different races, those of different religions.  And old enemies are replaced by new ones.

In the  1960s, even without the Internet, people could research and  investigate.

In the 2000s, where information is at the fingertips, people are unable to comprehend what they read, unable to phrase searches.

They turn their volition over to others, and believe what they are told.


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