How to deal with failure? glad you asked…

I am afraid, I didn’t do a very good job at dealing with failure at first but I came across an ingenious idea, which helped me handle all the inconvenient memories and truths, without undergoing emotional convulsions. The idea(borrowed) was to write an autobiography. Sounds weird- I know; but it works. Visit Let’s assume your brain remembers vividly all that’s happened in the last 18 months; now recall any experience/event and see if you have an emotional reaction to it. If you do then it means you haven’t really articulated it causally and are still burdened by the memory of the event; you are still very much in the grasp of that event. You carry it around like a baggage. Writing about it forces you to think about it and before you know it, you would have written thousands of words. In many ways this is therapeutic. Basically, the self-authoring program works like an intervention but is more effective. Putting Feelings Into Words Produces Therapeutic Effects in the Brain; UCLA Neuroimaging Study Supports Ancient Buddhist Teachings Ask yourself this question- why do we remember the stuff from past? Is it for objective collection? No. It is to extract wisdom for the days to come and not repeat the mistakes of past.


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