Finding Answers to Murder Mystery

This video was created in 2018, where this woman contacts spirits via spirit box to inquire about JonBenet Ramsay’s killer or killers. I cannot understand anything from the spirit box. There is just too much snow, and it doesn’t make any sense to me. But it is interesting to see what she says from her experience or what she hears from this spirit box. It is noted that the spirit box states that it was John and Patsy had something to do with JonBenet’s murder.

I watched another video, where a psychic does a reading to contact JonBenet and other spirits to ask them who killed JonBenet Ramsay. JonBenet seemed reluctant to talk, and she seems to note that it was a business deal between her father and other men.

There are more videos where many other people try to contact the other side to find answers.


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