Encounter – 1

Jamey had cut from his crew to sneak a smoke.   He was standing at the top of the steps, to the far left of the High School Entrance, his eyes caught by the new girl.

He’d lived in this town all his life, he knew everyone and had never seen this girl before.  She had a fantastic mane of brownish red hair, which caught his eye.

She was coming up the steps when a couple of creepsters passed remarks, and one went to touch her.

Although he was watching, she moved so fast he didn’t see exactly how she flipped the creep to the ground and continued up the stairs.

He tossed his smoke, moved to be in front of her.  She met his eyes.   She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

There was a look on her face as if thinking, ‘what now?’  when he said, softly, “Nice work,” and made a small smile.

She nodded, took the next step up. He opened the door for her.

“Can you tell me where the office is?”  she asked in a voice as soft as his.

“I’ll show you…” he replied.

He began walking down the hall, took a turn to the right.

“I’m Jamey…” he said.   “I’m Denny…” she replied.

He looked at her a long minute, then; “It’s here…” as he stopped at a door.

“So you’re the football hero,”  she tossed.

“How you know?”

“Your photo’s on the wall.”

“You didn’t see that photo for a full second.”

“I have a fast brain,” she replied.

“I’ll remember that…” he said as she went through the door.


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Written by jaylar