Easy To Con

Any  Con (wo) Man will tell you, the easiest  people to rip are those who think they can’t be scammed.   They’re too bright, too suspicious, too clever.  

The Con (wo) Man will start the con with a vertible bow to the brilliance of the Mark, saying, “I wouldn’t think of trying to Con anyone as intelligent as you…”  and go on to heap praise as they extract money.

No matter the Con it is always the ‘opposite’  which is the easy target.  

The overly suspicious person who trusts no one is the one to marry the gold digger who’ll take everything.  

Speaking with ‘authority’ and ‘certainty’ the Con Man will fabricate and divert and the public will believe.  

As the obverse, the Con Woman will act too stupid to live, and make everyone feel smarter than she is.

The Mark, the person who is going to be the victim, enters the scam with the belief that s/he is so wise, so sophisticated that no one can fool them.  So are fooled.

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Written by Chef Lee

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