Donald Trump political strategist Roger Stone arrested

US President Donald Trump’s late colleague and political strategist Roger Stone was arrested in 7 charges. Roger Steven was arrested from the U.S. State of Florida and will be presented in the Court of Fort Lauder dale.

According to the American media, FBI officials arrested Roger Stone from their residence on Friday morning. The long-term partner of the Donald Trump is accused of  intervention in govt work, false statements and false witness. The allegations related to them are allegedly hacking emails from the Democratic Party officials.

This information was disclosed by Wikileaks during the 2016 presidential election campaign. In Wikileaks email Hillary Clinton political election campaign manager John Podesta was targeted. One month before the release of the email from Wikileaks, John Podesta  said in one of his tweet that soon, Mr. Podesta is going to be a difficult situation.

John Podesta had accused Roger Stone of email hacking.

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