Computer wonderings

Did you ever have days that a computer seems to have a mind of their own? Today seems to be that day for me. I am logged on, but it seemed that the tabs crashed and I just turned the darned thing on. That is just nuts. Other computer wonderings I have is when you save something and it just disappears and I really mean disappears for the work is no where in the files. Just wondering if anyone else has these kind of days. I am, semi-retired and working as a freelance writer the problem with crashes even minimally is a big pain in the you know what. For example, you are typing whatever you are working on whether an assignment of some kind or a work project or just writing for creative purposes. These computer crashes are a pain.

Working on the computer for a living is a way to use our creativity and still make some money to pay bills or buy some things that may be wanted. I chose to try and become a freelance writer in this even though I did work as a licensed practical nurse for almost 14 years and even at work back computer crashes were such a nuisance especially when you were charting a medication or behavior notes. This was a memory for I worked a psychiatric nurse, but now working as a freelancer these crashes break the flow of the writing. I do not want to complain too much but I guess that is the chance of working on the computer and using the internet as a writer.

I will keep writing and doing my best at my new chosen career.


What do you think?


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