Bunga Boy – 3

Where the Beach Boy or Rentadread is aware of the parameters of their relationship;  whether they are using the woman for material gain or expect a VISA, they keep an eye on reality.

A Bungaboy does not.  He doesn’t understand the parameters of the relationship.  Further, the Biggest mistake a woman can make is to marry a Bungaboy.  

He will not only become dependent on her, but use her.   He won’t limit his sexual adventures, he won’t respect her.

 Being a Bungaboy, he thinks he fooled her.  He thinks she is permanently in love with him, not that she ‘purchased’ him because she has given up on the possibility of marrying a peer.  

He doesn’t realise she has gone onto the street because she can’t find anyone inside the ‘house’.

She may be unattractive, may have developed cold and arrogant behaviours. Although monetarily successful, she has failed in the social department.

She may have had more than one failed marriage, or never been married.

She may have spent the first forty years of her life going after a profession or position, and now that she has achieved her goal, she is alone on the mountain top.


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Written by jaylar