Be Proactive to Stop Human Trafficking

Monday, February 18, 2019

1. Identify the problem in your community

2. Work with a Grassroots Organization or start your own grassroots project

3.Organize groups in your local community

4. Organize charity events

5. Find and organize volunteers for your movement who want to make a difference

6. Create your own alternative media on the internet to expose the truth, locally, nationally, and globally

7. Create worldwide awareness of the topic. Host your own event for awareness, and invite friends, family, neighbors, and church members.

8. Start a group in your religion organization.

9. Share videos, articles, photos, and information on your social media.

10. Start a group at your school to educate kids, teens, and college students.

11. Work together with others to create enable positive changes

12. Sign and forward petitions on different causes.

13. Continue to Promote, Expose, and Display…


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