And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 70

The old men of the Board,  those who oversaw the appointment and quitting of Bertha McGill, one of their ilk, way back when, had steamed about the time it took for her to clear out,  were astounded by Joe Rashford Grindley’s pace.

The middle aged members, who had been disturbed by Cordelia Brown’s slow departure, had not begun to know the word ‘wait’.

Selma died on the 31st of  July.   It was now the 28th of August.  and  they were still waiting  for Joe to remove his mother’s things from the front mansion of Miriam House.

The Board could not afford to hire anyone right now, so there was a bit of breathing room and they didn’t push, but still… how long could it take?

Odette Bent, the incredibly dishonest cleaner assumed she should get the post.  This would enable her to steal even more and to push the girls around.

The tenants were ready to run if that would happen, for they had come to despise Odette.

Although physically ugly, with large black warts on her face, her ugliness went to the bone.   It was her  loud voice, her dishonesty. her laziness which made people dislike her.


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Written by jaylar