And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 67

Joe Rashford Grindley was affronted by the request from that mere Office worker that he hand over the keys to Miriam House.

His mother’s property, hence his property was inside and he could not snap his fingers and have it instantly transported.

He had other things in his life and was not going to disrupt his day for this foolishness.

The Board would get the keys and the device to open the gate when he was through with them, and not a second before.

After all, his mother had just died.  The Will had not yet been probated.  It was ridiculous for him to pay money to move items which she might have bequeathed to others.

He hoped none of those presumptuous Board members would dare annoy him.  After all, he was Joe Rashford Grindley, Great Grand Son of Edward Rashford!


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Written by jaylar

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