And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 66

It wasn’t until the Thursday after the ‘funeral’ of Selma Rashford Grindley, that Fran Alman was able to contact the Vice President of the Board, Paul Mollusk.

He seemed unable to comprehend how Joe Grindley gained such control over the property, or how Odette, the cleaner, behaved as if she was in charge of Miriam House.

Paul Mollusk, the dishonest and obnoxious deposed President, could not comprehend how Joe and Odette controlled Miriam House and Fran Alman, the agent of the Board, was having difficulty assessing the premises.

Mollusk didn’t appreciate what had been going on.

He didn’t know that Odette, the cleaner, had been paid every week  to clean the premises, spent most of her time sitting on the couch in the matron’s house, and doing nothing at all whatsoever.

Fran wondered if Elvis March, the President, would be of more use than the blustering Mollusk.

She, who had no previous connection to the Church, could not comprehend how Joe would pocket the keys, or how someone as dishonest as Odette would have  been hired in the first place.


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