And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 65

Fran Alman had been hired to manage the office at the church. That was her job description. With Selma’s debilitation she had been thrust into a part time visit to Miriam House. It wasn’t much of a problem.

She’d drive up, one of the nurses would open the gate, and she’d set about her tasks, then, after an hour, leave. She was paid extra for this and it covered gas and lunch and a few bits.

With Selma dead, with the nurses gone, it became onerous.

Fran did not have the key to the Matron’s house, nor the device to open the gate.

Odette had taken all the keys. This meant that Fran would have to wait for her.  As Fran was someone who took her work seriously, and Odette was a lazy thief, it seemed sensible to Fran to ask for the keys.

Odette would not give them to her.

As bad as that was, Selma’s son, Joe also had a set of keys, and the gate device. He was in no rush to remove his mother’s property from the house or hand over the keys or the device.

This left Fran rather cheesed. She could not run the office and Miriam House without having the keys.

She needed to speak to the Board about this, but of course, they were all missing, as usual.

Odette knew this. The keys, for her, were carte blanche to steal. She could steal from all the rooms at Miriam House.

She knew it was temporary, but as long as she could hold those keys, she felt in charge.


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Written by jaylar