And Comes The Fourth Generation – 99

If Odette, the cleaner, had been in charge of Miriam House, she would have moved everything out of the Matron’s residence and put it on the road after two weeks.  Primarily the death bed.

She would have changed all the locks on the Matron’s house, advised the Board she had to go away for the next two days, then phoned Joe.

If/when Joe Rashford Grindley arrived,  he’d find what the beggars and robbers didn’t take, and be left pounding on the door, calling the Board members, and howling.

But Odette wasn’t in charge.  She would never be in charge, well maybe if the Matron they had just hired got fed up and left.

Odette was pretty sure, unless the new Matron was a con artist, she’d not like a so-called job where she had no power.

Odette, with some respect, had not expected that Joe, Selma’s son, could play the Board so easily.

But, when you find a fool, you ride him bareback, as the saying goes.


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Written by jaylar

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