And Comes the Fourth Generation – 84

It wasn’t just Miriam House which was badly run by incompetent fools, the Church itself had issues.

The Board  had hired a all around maintenance/ground/watchman named  Hiriam Pinnock.   They had hired him on the recommendation of Avery Hendricks, who, ten years ago, ran everything.

Avery was a power hungry pompous clown who appeared to have power and support.    He had an imperial manner of speaking, a way of looking down his nose.

It was he who hired the massive waste of time Miss Brown to be the Matron, and the lazy dishonest liar, Odette to be the cleaner.

And it was he who hired Pinnock.

There was a time that Hendricks ruled the Church and everything in it, until he hired a so-called Pastor, named Dane Evans.

Dane Evans could best be described as a New York Flat Foot Hustler.  How he fooled Hendricks is simply further proof of the inability of said worthy to read character, to show intelligence, and to be more than a ridiculous parody of a snob.

As Evens took up his post,  the more religious members of the church objected.   Hendricks slapped away their concerns.

For he was Avery Hendricks!


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