And Comes the Fourth Generation – 79

Had Cordelia Brown been the Matron, the facts of the mock repairs would not have surfaced.   But she was gone and Selma Rashford Grindley was in charge.

And Selma Rashford Grindley made the alert.

It was she who babbled about the chipping paint, the waste of money on the new fixtures, and the fact that there had been no plumbing problem.

The Board confronted Mollusk.

Mollusk couldn’t lie his way out.

The robbery was revealed, and if the Board had been interested or even cared it couldn’t have happened. But they weren’t interested.  They wished it hadn’t happened. And if it happened, they didn’t need to know about it.

To avoid exposure and further discussion, Mollusk was dropped to Vice President, and Elvis March, made President.

This was how the Fourth Generation dealt with their issues.


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Written by jaylar

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