And Comes the Fourth Generation – 142

Ann South, ‘trapped’ in the Matron’s House, tried to do most of her real estate work on the phone.

When the tenants of Miriam House called  to her while she spoke to a client, she could bark;  “I’m on the phone.”

Some might shout back; “I have the rent receipt!”

If so, Ann would keep talking on the phone, walk to the door, take the receipt, nod, walk away.

If it was something else,  and the tenant stood their ground, Ann would be forced to ask her communicant to hold.

Annoyed, Ann would take the report of the tenant, and nod.  Then she’d get back to ‘her’ phone call.

Most of the time she forgot what the tenant said instantly.  Sometimes she would get around to making a call to the incompetent ‘approved’ electrician, plumber, exterminator.

Everyone who worked for Miriam House knew the members of the Board were idiots so the contractor could pad his bill, do little or nothing, and pocket the money.


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Written by jaylar

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