An Example – 3

Doing a search I came across a kind of blog under his name. I took a glance. Most of the items were written by rather unbalanced females, the kind of groupie who fixates on an actor and creates fantasies.

The few posts he made seemed to denigrate the very show he was on.

This was not shocking. Not to anyone who knew him.

When he was at High School he tended to ridicule what he didn’t understand and what he couldn’t do. That’s why we remembered him.

No matter what it was, this guy would always take the opposite view, no matter how stupid it was.   He became a walking joke.

I recall the Vice Principal making a statement and then turning to him, and with this smirk on his face saying; “I’m sure you have something to say about it…”

Everyone was laughing at him, but he stood up and began his blather. The look on his face, the way the enunciated his words, was so ridiculous. Couldn’t he see that? And didn’t he realise that anything he was against would be supported by the student body?

To read the same kind of verbiage he would spew at eighteen at the age of thirty eight proved he learned nothing over the years.

I wondered if he would destroy his own career.


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