Alone, not Lonely – 12

When you notice the traits described in the previous article, whether in yourself or others, you gain an ‘overstanding’ of perception.

You appreciate that those who hate themselves, who are afraid to be alone with themselves, resort to all sorts of attention seeking.

Although the attention is not positive, it is attention.

Why does one need attention?

What is the core issue that impels a person to seek attention of this kind?

The answer is simple;   many people hate themselves.  Hate how they look or act, or their lives, and seek to escape this by reaching outside of themselves.

Their need for attention is pathetic, yes.    The kind of  attention they receive is obviously a confirmation of their inferiority  yet, the ugly girl,  so afraid of being alone,  prefers any attention, no matter how base, to none..

What do you think?

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