A Quiet Wet Day…

Tuesday, 1.15.19

I noticed from the online weather report that this week is going to be wet and rainy. I just didn’t feel like going to the gym. On Monday, I finished proofing my graphic novel, in which I found lots of lame typos. I hope I fixed everything. I think I should go though the graphic novel one more time, maybe on slide-show view to see how the whole picture on each page looks like and if there is anything out of place. But I’m not sure if I can go on slideshow mode from Word Publisher.

Tuesday morning, I had a weird dream about a specific guy. He looked familiar but I didn’t recognize his name. The dream actually gave me his full name, Jeff Van Grosse. According to this dream, I have met this man somewhere, but I cannot remember where, although he looks familiar. I woke up thinking who is this man and why did he pop up in my dream.

I had to drop by at Mother’s Market because I was running out of shampoo and Gumby needed litter. I was also running out of toilet paper, although I still had one roll left. The ground is still wet, but the sky is calm with occasional sun peeking out now and then. I noticed from the online weather report that it will rain again during the evening. I wonder if the walking meetup will be cancelled tonight. So far, it is still on…I might check again around 5 pm before I decide to leave to make sure.

But it doesn’t feel cold day. Just quiet, a little cloudy, and wet grounds.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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