365 Day photo Challenge Day 266 2d of 3d.

Today a 2d picture of a  3d camera. It is one of those things you do from time to time. Well not everyone I guess, just me. But it is something I do from time to time. The oddity of 3d and 2d cameras continues to expand. Why do I say oddity? Well at this point 3d cameras operate with more than one lens. The needed addition of depth to make all three dimensions, requiring the second lens. For newer 360 cameras you need the second lens positioned properly to allow for the immersive 360 experience. The tripod is my add. I love the flexible tripods for cameras that are going to be static. Because, while motion in video is bad in the 3d or 360 world motion can be bad! You can end up being really seasick with the motion and not even get the joy of being on the water.

Anyone can join the challenge! Just point, shoot and share!

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