365 Day Photo Challenge Day 256, I went to see the dam, all I got was dam debris!

What is the impact of all the rain we’ve had? Well, first off the rain has been up and down the US East Coast. Based on the rain some of the upstate and mid-state dams in New York, and Pennslyvania have had to open their full sluice gates. That allowed a lot of debris to flow south. IE, towards the Chesapeake Bay. IE, where our boat is. Back Creek, where our boat is sitting in this picture is local, in that it comes from the tidal basin, but not further north. All that debris made it difficult yesterday as we wandered out towards the Bay. We had two watchers (my wife and my daughter). There was a lot of debris in much of the area, things to avoid! Logs that are in the water for a long time, actually end up below the surface of the water. You have to watch your sonar and use your eyes.


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Written by DocAndersen

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