How to welcome Guests at Your Wedding?

To complete a puzzle, you need all the pieces, because without them you would be left unfinished. In the same way, this happens with the wedding. It takes a wedding dress, a splendid wedding cake, a delicious feast and unforgettable details. Asian wedding event management has many facets. If you do not know how to receive and, in some way, “entertain” the guests while you prepare for the entrance or have the photo session, offer them the best welcome to those present so that they feel as comfortable as at home. Give maximum comfort to each one of the guests, regardless of age, height or gender, we have the best options for each of them to give them a spoiled welcome.

1. Cheerful and pleasant drinks

The reception must be impeccable, highlighted by flowers for the wedding, the lights for decoration and, above all, by how the people will be welcomed. Cocktails cheerful as martinis would not come bad! While tequila is delicious on its own, you may not want to start out so high-pitched, so some flavourful margaritas like tamarind, lemon or seasonal fruits will be irresistible!

We know that there will be children and some people who do not consume alcohol, so they will have to offer non-alcoholic drinks or expand the list by adding juices, sodas or smoothies. Very funny and delicious alternatives!

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2. Small foods, but with great flavors

As for food, you do not necessarily have to wait for the banquet or the wedding candy table. From the first moment, you can offer snacks such as canapés, puff pastries and more. Remember that these should be minis, the size of one or two bites, as a tasting of the delicacy that awaits them later. The ingredients must be exquisite and of great quality to obtain sensations triggered once the snack is bitten.

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3. Music to go into the environment

The music will give you that twist that will set the reception. Choose very well the melodies that will accompany the welcome so that the guests are in tune. Above all, your choice should be ideal for the concept of your wedding. That is if you want relaxed guests or the style of your wedding is elegant, opt for some other genre. If you chose another theme, it will be important that your loved ones acclimate to the genre that predominates in your playlist for later.

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4. A small return gift

Clearly, you will be enjoying your moment or maybe you are in the first photo session. Ideally, bridesmaids will support them in their absence by handing out simple wedding memories. If you plan to deliver to the guest’s sandals, slippers or a custom hangover kit, those who need to change their shoes or take precautions can do so early.

Otherwise, if you want to add original wedding memories, give your family and friends a little box decorated with a ribbon. What will it hide? They can be from sweets, chocolates and any idea that can be specified. The purpose is to pamper those present and keep them entertained with things of their liking.

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5. Photo booth for snapshots

In addition to useful wedding memories, guests will want to remember the wedding capturing every moment with their cameras or cell phones. An incredible option to receive them is to rent the photo booth service, where those present can complete their outfits with fun accessories such as wigs, ties, glasses and giant hats that give a funny touch to your image. In effect, you will enjoy it so much that you will want to repeat the session again and again.

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6. Signature book for beautiful remembrances 

Not only the guests will take a souvenir! You too: the signature book is the one that will make you remember and take back all those good wishes and advice that family and friends offer you. In your classic book format or fingerprint tree … As you like it. The form they choose will be an excellent opportunity for those present to be received. They will take the time necessary to dedicate words to them and it will be a dynamic way for the reception.

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In conclusion:

The first moments of the reception are as important as the decoration of the wedding cake. Both aspects will be a great guide so that those present can recognize their personalities in each of the choices they made for the day of the wedding. That is why it is valuable for the guests to be received in a creative and welcoming way. All perfect!

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