Top 8 Trendy Wedding Backdrop Ideas

With wedding preparations in full swing, you might not be concerned about the backdrop. However, you must be; after all, it will be the most photographed location on the grand day. From a long time, flowers have been the first choice of couples for wedding backdrops. However, we have some more exciting ideas in our kitty.

Let us go through them one by one.

Fabric strips

In recent years, fabric strips have become a preferred choice for wedding curtains. With satin lace and fabric strips of your choice, an elegant and unique backdrop can be easily created. Different colors can be mixed and matched for display. To add some glow & glam, strings light can be added to this arrangement. For an intimate setting, add candles around the bottom.


If you wish to give a sparkling, glitzy touch to your wedding backdrop, use crystal curtains. Hang them from an arch or low hanging tree branch. To bring more opulence, add a chandelier and abundant quantity of discount wedding flowers matching your bouquets and aisle décor.


If you wish to say ‘I do’ before a lush green backdrop, use leaves instead of flowers to decorate altar and aisles. Greenery will give a rich look to the ceremony. Complement it with multicolored palettes.

Dream catcher

If you are fond of the bohemian look, bring this touch to your wedding with dream catchers. Available in large varieties, style and designs dream catchers can be easily used to create a beautiful wedding backdrop. Besides, they will give a dreamy look to your wedding pictures.

Blooming curtains

If you have run out of ideas, simply employ flower for the purpose. However, you can give a twist to the floral arrangement. Get vertical rows of long stemmed blooms to create a floral curtain. Add a dash of greenery to give a gorgeous look. Your floral wedding backdrop is ready.

Knotted touch

Why not tie the knots before a knotted backdrop? This idea to give a modern twist to a classic them is a genius and looks incredibly beautiful. You just need some rope, twine, and ribbon. Tie them in different types of knots by mixing strings and ribbons. Adorn this backdrop with flowers, greenery, and garlands.


If you are looking for a simple, yet out-of-box idea for your wedding backdrop, use feathers. The arrangement is easy-peasy. You just have to tie some feathers using twine. Use different prints and colors of feathers to make it rich. Add crystal accents or elevated candles to add some light and sparks.

String lights

If you wish a glittery backdrop for your wedding, use string lights. They not only embellish the altar but also give a clean look. String lights are a modern and fuss-free way to light up the ceremony softly. Plus they also make perfect option for an evening outdoor wedding.

The value of a wedding backdrop can’t be underrated as they not only make your wedding ceremony beautiful but also your wedding pictures.


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Written by tarunaarya