They Live, IMVU and Indian Food

Tuesday, 10.30.18

After my early morning Pop Pilates class at the gym, I returned home and had a craving for Indian food. So, I decided to go to Wholesome Choice to buy some take out of samosas, spinach paneer, tomato paneer, and eggplant. They were out of Naan. So, I bought my own bread, pita, baguette, and lavash. I also got other small snacks, hummus, olives, garlic cloves, and yogurt. I got some Turkish Delight to enjoy with my Turkish coffee that I still have. I also got some Coconut Cream for my coffee to try out.

I returned home just in time to watch the movie, They Live, a John Carpenter movie about the truth coming out and what the Zionists are doing to control everyone as slaves. The movie stars Roddy Piper, Meg Foster, and Keith David. Interestingly, its release date was November 4th, 1988. I think this movie is a must-see.

Then, after eating my lunch, I stopped by at IMVU where I received my Day 3 Halloween countdown gift–A BOO selfie stand.

My avatar is also wearing her Day 2 gift–which is the Pumpkin Head mask and witch hat. She poses with her dog, who is also wearing a pumpkin head mask. It is hiding behind the 2nd O.

She is wearing her old Spider halloween costume. Her dog is now hiding behind the 1st O.

This is at an old Halloween home gift from a previous year.

The dog is sticking his pumpkin head in bottom B hole.

Interesting poses…

I noticed that there are lots of halloween movies on the indie channel…

I now need to make a cup of coffee…


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