Theme Ideas for Your Next Big Party

Your party’s theme plays a significant role in determining the venue, décor, date, etc. For example, if you’re planning to host a Halloween-themed party, it wouldn’t make sense to hold it in the middle of the afternoon in June. Likewise, you wouldn’t have a Christmas party in April.

Some themes allow for more freedom on the date, like a Great Gatsby or a vintage-themed party. On the other hand, more unique themes could pique your guests’ interests and generate buzz for the party. If you’re having trouble deciding on a theme for an event, read on for some popular suggestions from the best party suppliers.

Black and white

Nothing exudes sophistication more than black and white, and having a party where all your guests wear nothing but these colours is sure to make for elegant photos. Many socialites and celebrities love this theme, and it hearkens back to more glamorous times. It might be wise not to serve soups and sauces at this party, so guests don’t have to worry about staining their white clothes.


Having your guests wear masks to the party adds a layer of mystery and elegance and taps into their creativity as the mask has to coordinate with their outfit for the night. Masquerade balls are best held in grand ballrooms with chandeliers and high ceilings.

Red carpet

A red carpet party is guaranteed to turn heads as all of your guests will be dressed to the nines. Install a red carpet at the venue and a picture booth where your guests can get their pictures taken by professional photographers. In addition, the program could involve an awards show where you can hand out prizes for Best Dressed or Most Creative.

Pop culture

If you’re holding a party and know all the guests are fans of a particular franchise, you can make it the central theme. For example, you could have a Game of Thrones party in an old castle or one of the show’s many picturesque filming locations. You could also incorporate unique and fun aspects of the show into your program. For example, a Lord of the Rings party could have a game involving transporting the Ring to Mordor. A Harry Potter party could have a variant of Quidditch. You can have your caterer serve food and drink from the stories like Harry Potter’s butterbeer and pumpkin pasties.

Pool party

If all else fails, a pool party is a fool proof idea. Ensure that your venue has a pool large enough to accommodate your guests without crowding. You could also have a grill area and a bar so guests can have warm food and refreshing drinks when they’re not lounging in the pool. You could have water games like polo or water volleyball during the party to keep guests entertained.

Whether it’s a sophisticated evening or an afternoon of fun you’re after, there’s a party theme for every taste. When planning a theme, go with one that you enjoy so you’ll have endless ideas on how to implement it effectively. Consider your guests’ preferences also to ensure they will have fun.


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