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The Ultimate Guide: Event Advertising Dos and Don'ts

When you own a business or a service sometimes it is crucial to make an event that will put a spotlight on your product in front of a selected audience. Even if you’re a brilliant event planner if people don’t know about your event no one will come. To avoid this from happening you should always have a marketing strategy that will make your business stand out in today’s competitive market. The right advertising program will always attract the right people and sponsors that are vital for your business. Here is a guide of things that you should and shouldn’t do in order to create a successful event.


When you’re creating an event there is always that high-risk factor. So when you’re planning your event you should always research your market carefully and make sure that you invited the right people. If you do this the right way, both you and the invitees will benefit from your event.

Expert help

If you have never organized an event and you’re completely new in this field it is wise to always seek help from experienced event managers. This can make a big difference because you can learn many things from experienced professionals and this knowledge will allow you to be successful in your future events.


It is important for a successful event to be transparent. Share as much information as can

using speakers, sessions and tracks. This is a good way to keep your invitees well informed about your event which in the end will help them decide whether they will attend or not.

Use traditional ways of marketing

Sometimes we forget that apart from digital marketing, traditional ways of marketing still exist.

These methods involve advertising through television, newspapers, radio, flyers and brochures.

People are generally used to this kind of advertisement because it has been present for ages.

Also, a good way to advertise your event is to use billboards and good old fashioned custom event banners. So don’t hesitate because traditional marketing is not dead and is here to stay.

Digital advertising

For example, Facebook ads can sometimes seem expensive but they are also a great way to target the right people. It allows you to target people by age, occupation and location which makes your advertising more effective. Also, don’t be afraid to use other social media like Twitter and Instagram.

Don’t spam

Don’t like when you’re getting non-personal generic emails inviting you to events?

Well, in reality, nobody does. This is probably the worst way of advertising which mostly irritates people and will likely ruin the chance of them attending your event.

Don’t think that small means easy

Even the smallest event requires careful planning and advertising. So be prepared to invest your time and effort in any kind of event whatsoever. This is because even a simple seminar or lunch can have a positive outcome on your business and on the other hand if organized poorly it can have a devastating effect on your future clients and sponsors.

Don’t stop engaging

Don’t think that advertising on social media is enough for your event. People mostly use social media for fun and conversation and sometimes they can overlook your event. That’s why you should create creative stories with a friendly tone for example on Snapchat or Instagram. This will surely take some people’s attention to your event.

Overall planning and advertising your event should always be taken seriously. On the other hand, it requires a lot of creativity and is open to new ideas and concepts and once you become experienced and get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun.


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