Silver Wedding Tips To Make Your Husband Happy

A silver wedding is the celebration that marks the 25th year of the marriage. The origin of the name dates back to the Roman empire, when the husband gifted a silver wreath to his wife for their 25th anniversary. The tradition of gifting has also remained, and according to the tradition there is a special gift for each year.

Spending a quarter of a century next to the person that you love is an important event that needs to be celebrated. Use this occasion to remind yourselves of the significance of your bond. Despite for having your role as parents or grandparents, you two are romantic souls that deserve to mark this special day in your life. Make sure that you mark this day on the calendar, so you can plan it ahead of time. If you are not sure on how to make your husband happy for the silver wedding, we have some ideas and tips for you!

Choose the right gift

Such a meaningful milestone requires a special gift that is meant to stay for years to come. Although silver is considered to be the gift, you don’t have to get it if you don’t like it. Consider stainless steel and gold too, as highly durable materials that look good . The gift should make your husband happy, so consider his hobbies and interests before making the final decision. A Gold-Dipped Golf Ball, or gold-dipped Poker Cards sound like the ultimate gifts that will make any man happy.

Searching for gifts to be purchased online is one good idea that will save you some precious time. Browsing and comparing different silver wedding gifts for him is so much easier this way. When doing this make sure that you have Incognito mode on, so your husband will have no idea and your gift will remain a surprise.

Organize a celebration

Celebrating the “I do” that you said 25 years ago is a must. However, there are no strict rules about how to organize your silver wedding. The perfect formula is consisted of:your beloved husband, your family, the friends that were with you through all those years, good food and drinks. The rest is up to you. If you are more creative, you can even think of a themed party.

Spend time together

Moments like these are meant to be shared with your family and friends. But at the same time, do not forget to reserve some time for yourselves. Everyday life and responsibilities sometimes won’t leave you much space to be alone, so be sure to take advantage on this special occasion. For example plan a weekend getaway to your favorite place, where you can enjoy all alone. Or, travel somewhere where you have already been when you were young. Repeating your favorite holiday will bring you so many precious memories back and remind you why they are so important in your life. Do not forget to have fun!


To make it easier for you, plan everything ahead. Book the venue for the celebration, or prepare your home if you want to do it there. Order the gift online, considering the time needed for delivery. And last, do not forget to steal a few moments for you two.


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Written by Virily Editor