What is your plan about Christmas shopping?

It’s a little less than 12 weeks of Christmas. I know it sounds a little obsessive or even weird to some to think about Christmas yet but doesn’t it sound a little enjoying, relaxing last week if you have planned your shopping spread over next 8 weeks so there is no need to take hectic decisions and pay extra for your shopping!

I suggest you do it starting this weekend and save some burden on your pocket. Let’s plan it starting this weekend and start shopping for gifts and lunch and dinner and much liked BBQ by most of your friends and guests. I have already planned about a grand BBQ in the park just in front of my home.

By the way, I have planned my gift list with a few additions in coming weeks and have already started shopping for them as and when I get time for them. I am regularly visiting Aldi, Cole’s, BigW, Myers and Kmart.

By the way, I have yet to buy celebration wine but I am very much sure that Dan Murph’y, Bottle Store and BWS would have enough on “Offer” that will solve the issue. The only thing I have not yet concentrating is Christmas Decoration but I have a place or two in my mind where I will get them at right price.

So, Are you ready for your Christmas shopping and enjoy the last week trouble free?


What do you think?

Written by Suny Ag