An Pan India Organization committed for women safety in the capital

World’s biggest headache today is absolutely women safety. In India everyday you can easily get news of rape, violence against women and girl child including cruel domestic violence. Being the National Secretary of a Pan India Non-Political Voluntary Organization named as Jagruk Nagarik Suraksha Sangathan (JNSS-Click to visit the website) I talked to our National President Mr. Denson Joseph in this regard. He also took up this issue with a serious note.

Along with thousands of students from various colleges and schools in the National Capital of India we marched towards the residence of the 1st Citizen of India (Honorable President of India) to protest and submit our Memorandum.It was quite successful and one of the major social activism of mine that I want to share with you all my friends in Virily.

Everybody at everywhere in this world knows it very well still our sisters, daughters and mothers fear to go out of home alone. It is the reason for which India’s the biggest Freedom Fighter who is also known as ‘The Father of our Nation’, Mahatma Gandhi once told in the past that India will get the absolute freedom on that day when an unmarried girl can able to walk out from her home without any fear of tear.


What do you think?

Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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  1. This is obviously a very important issue and it’s great that you and your organisation are taking a stand against violence towards women.

    I would, however, be dubious about your suggestion of ‘punishment in public for rapist’. The idea seems quite old fashioned to me and meeting violence with violence just never seems like a reasonable response in my opinion. Instead then of promoting peace, a violent mob mentality can be developed and I think that’s a very dangerous route to go down. It’s important that we move away from the days of public humiliation and violence such as being put in the stocks and stoning.

    I’m not at all arguing that this isn’t an important and pertinent issue, it is, but I feel like it should be approached in a different way