How to Make a Great Office Party

Regardless of the occasion, organizing an office party can be a challenging task, especially if the number of employees is on a larger scale. However, proper planning and preparation as well as knowing when to ask for help will definitely allow you to throw the best office party for everyone involved with the company. So, what key points do you have to keep in mind?

Set up a party planning team

You really cannot and should not try to organize an office party all on your own. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it, but the end result probably wouldn’t be as satisfying as you’d hope. Choose a couple of reliable members of your office team whom you know would be willing to help you with the organization. That way, you’ll also get a fresh insight into different aspects of the party and learn about the team’s wishes. So, aside from taking care of some party-specific tasks, they will also help you organize a party that will make everyone at the office happy and hyped to attend.

Choose the perfect party place

This may as well be the most important step of your office party organization. For starters, you have to decide whether you’re going to have a party in the office or someplace else. In the end, this will largely depend on the occasion and type of the party as well as the number of employees. In case you opt for a party in your office, it’s essential that you organize proper catering services for the event. After all, you shouldn’t lack food and beverages when you’re having fun. On the other hand, if you’re going to book a venue or a restaurant, make sure to do so well in advance so that you’re all set for the chosen date and you have enough time to discuss the menu.

Consider extending the invitations

A casual office party in the afternoon doesn’t require special invitations and +1s. However, if the party you’re planning for your team is going to take place in the evening, the whole setting will be fancier and you even plan for things to get livelier with music and dancing, it would be prudent to extend the invitations to your employees’ significant others. After all, you don’t want something that should be fun and relaxing to be the cause of stress for your team members later on.

Stay responsible

It’s natural to have some alcoholic beverages at your disposal when it comes to a great office party, but you still have to exercise responsibility. Aside from providing plenty of non-alcoholic beverages as well, make sure that your employees are all set for their ride home. Before the party, you should either organize the ride yourself, or discuss this with each team member so that they can properly prepare. Either way, make sure to encourage your employees to drink responsibly and remember the proper etiquette during the party.

Gifts should never be company merch

Not all office parties will require gift giving. However, depending on the occasion, gifts may be involved. In case of big holidays such as Christmas, Secret Office Santa would be a good idea. But, if the nature of gift giving is a bit different for this particular party and occasion, and you’re the one who will be surprising your team members with presents, just make sure that the gifts don’t have a company logo, name, slogan, etc. emblazoned on them. This feels rather cheap and distancing. Not to mention that the gift would seem more like an advertisement for the company than a general token of appreciation. Of course, the gifts don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. Even so, they can be practical and useful, and clearly show how valuable your team members are to you and the company.

From holiday and birthday to simply fun and appreciation parties, remember that you don’t have to organize these alone. In order to make them truly great, feel free to ask some of your team members for help. With suggestion boxes, extra ideas and voting, you’ll be able to find the best solution for everyone without the employees getting annoyed at you for making all of the decisions yourself. Of course, start the planning and organization well in advance so that you have enough time to make a truly great office party.


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Written by Mia Taylor

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