How to Capture Instagram Worthy Wedding Photos!

With the progressing times, social media has become an integral part of our daily life. Not just a vital aspect, it often rules our social life. Doesn’t it? It gives you a sneak peak into the lives of your near and dear ones, allowing you to be a part of their good and bad times, even though not physically just virtually.

Instagram is one such platform that is completely in vogue. From joyous baby pictures to prestigious convocation ceremonies, from fun weddings to the latest chic makeup regimen, from the latest collection in your closet to fabulous birthday celebrations- Instagram has been adding a little bit of sunshine in the lives of the people all over the world! With the innumerable exciting features it is adorned with you can surely enhance the beauty of the moments you upload on Insta. One such important occasion filled with beautiful moments is your own wedding!! How can your wedding photos escape the Instagram madness? Capturing the wedding moments is one thing but capturing them uniquely is another! Here a few tips on how to capture Instagram perfect wedding photos which will make your friends and relatives simply go awww!

#1 Add personality to your wedding photos

You are unique and special in many ways. Let your wedding photos portray the same too! Add a personal touch to your pictures. Though a few traditional poses are great but ensure your wedding pictures have a streak of your own personality, your own life as a couple. Make the pictures quirky yet unique. Insta pictures must tell a tale about the couple’s love for each other, likes, dislikes, views, beliefs and what you or your partner adore in life. The professional wedding photographers can think out of the box for your wedding photos.

#2 Get as candid as you can be

Photos that require you to “pose and say cheeeese” are such a passe’. This is the era of natural, candid shots. Something that captures the live action! A perfect gramworthy picture must capture not just the aesthetic beauty of a moment, it must capture the emotion, the love, the soul of the moment all in a natural form. The happy (not forced) smiles, the tears of joy, the deep eyes filled with emotions, the fun-filled dance movements, the emotional hugs and many more such candid images make them precious and Insta Worthy. Time to ditch the forceful poses! The best wedding photographers in Lucknow can help you capture the best candid moments from your special day.

#3 Why just the pretty dresses capture the food too!

A scrumptious meal is not only a delight at the wedding, the photographs of eye-catching, delicious food adds colour and cheer to your wedding album. Use amazing lighting techniques and innovative plating styles and let your followers drool over the mouth-watering food photos that are a treat not just to the palate but to the eyes too! Let your profile be flooded with not just ceremonies and celebrations, let the images of food float on your profile.

#5 Choose the right Instagram filter

Your wedding photos are ready to be uploaded but you are wondering how your feed would look. Want your wedding images to pop and stand out on Instagram? It is very important to choose the right Instagram filter. Choose the right color palette, style, and theme for your wedding images that goes with the moment in the photo. The theme should match the ceremonies, décor, outfits, location etc. A mismatch of the moment and the filter could ruin the photograph. Don't overdo or over edit them as it may lose the natural feel. Just get a little creative and use all your knowledge about Instagram filters to upload a praiseworthy click. 

Getting all of the above parameters  right isn’t as stressful as it seems. The top wedding photographers in India could capture some stunning Insta shots for you.  


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Written by Subodh Bajpai

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