Golden Globes 2019 Red Carpet Fashions

Thursday, 1.10.19

Since I didn’t watch the Golden Globes this years, I decided to watch three video summaries on Youtube. I noticed a lot of red gowns, gold gowns, MK-Ultra masonic black and white gowns, monochromatic gowns, leopard print, floral print, and some plain jane gowns. Long-sleeve gowns seemed to be popular this year. Lots of women were also wearing tulle and sheer. I also noticed men wearing feminine accents, which is likely to be a part of the trannie promotion agenda.

I am not sure if I personally like any of the gowns. But if I have to pick one, then I think Lady Gaga pulled it off the best.

#1 GOLDEN GLOBES 2019 photos

Anne Hathaway looks OK in a leopard-print gown with side slit.

Black man in a gray suit and gray cape looks flamboyant, almost like Superman in a suit. 

Bradley Cooper is dressed in a white tuxedo suit with black bowtie and shoes. His date Irena in a sexy gold gown with side slit.

Chadrick B. wears a white satiny suit with glittery silver loafers as well as silver jewelry.

Charlize Theron wears a black/white gown, which is black on top and white on bottom.

Cody Fern is dressed in monochromatic black. His shirt has a sheer accent, and his eyes look like he has black eyeliner.

Constance Wu wears a flowy tulle gown with velvet orange belt. It looks cute, but more like a prom dress or bridesmaids’ dress than a dress for movie awards show.

Black girl with bold orange gown looks kind of gaudy.

Darin C. wears a black and white suit, which includes a black pants, shows and bowtie, as well as a floral tuxedo jacket.

Emily Blunt wears a gray lace gown with gray shoes and gray eye makeup.

Emma Stone wears a peach long-sleeve tee gown. It looks too plain for an awards show.

Janelle Monet dresses in an Egyptian theme. It is more of a costume than formal gown. But she is doing her job to promote the masonic agenda.

Jessica Chastain wears a black gown with different texture of sheer, embroidery, and satin fabric.

Kiki Layne wears a tulle gown. It looks pretty and soft, which fits her age because she has a young face.

Lady Ga Ga wears a neon blue gown, which looks like it can glow in the dark with ultraviolet lighting. She has matching neon blue hair.

Laura H. wears a sequin black and white gown with black/white shoes. I think it kind of looks too big on her because it seems to be loose.

Lily Reinhart wears a red sheer gown. She looks fluffy. Actually, this dress kinds of reminds me of vintage lingerie from 50s and 60s.

Lucy B. wears a shiny gold gown with long sleeves and side slit as well as gold strappy shoes. Her golden blonde hair makes her look monochromatic in gold. I also notice her eye makeup is sparkly gold.

Lupita wears a neon blue gown with fringe and embroidery. She looks sparkly but fun.

Michael B. Jordan wears an ordinary black and white tuxedo suit. He looks normal and doesn’t really stand out like the other celebrities.

MJ. Rodriguez wears a neon blue flowy gown. She looks average.

Nicole Kidman wears a burgundy tight gown with long sleeves and turtleneck. She carries a small round purse. She looks OK.

Rachel wears a yellow flowy gown, which doesn’t look good on her pale skin. It is just too yellow for her. But the dress looks like a cute dress for a spring or summer wedding.

Rami Malek wears a black tuxedo suit with white shirt and bowtie.

Regina King wears a shiny silver tight gown with cut-out detailing on the sides.

R. Pike wears a black cut-out gown with shiny silver bolero-like jacket. I don’t like this dress. She doesn’t look like a celebrity.

Sandra Oh wears a white gown.

S. Rowan wears metallic gown. It suits her. It is sexy because it appears to be sheer, but she wears it well.

Timothy S. wears a monochromatic black outfit with a black textured harness or bib, which looks kind of strange. He looks too simple and plain…

Troy Savin wears a blue tuxedo suit with white shirt, black bowtie, and weird shoes.

#2 Golden Globes 2019 fashions: Trend or Timeless…

Julia Roberts looks good in her cocktail outfit. She does look glamorous, even though she is wearing pants.

Lots of velvet and bows accents on the gowns this year.

Gemma wears blue gown with high side slit that show off matching blue shorts. This outfit is definitely trendy.

Halle Berry kind of looks like Jennifer Lopez in this sexy red dress, which I think looks like sexy timeless.

Nicole Kidman looks sleek, which I think is timeless. 

Regina King’s shiny dress actually looks like a pinkish-rose shade in this video. I think this dress is trendy.

Bradley Cooper is compared to Fantasy Island’s Herve V. suit, which is funny because both suits looks identical. This suit is probably timeless, started by a late midget on a tv series. 

#3 The biggest fashion moments from the 2019 Golden Globes

I think Lady Gaga’s dress looks better than Judy Garland’s dress because Lady Gaga’s dress looks formal and fancy, while Judy Garland’s dress looks like something a housewife would wear at a party with her husband.

Constance Wu wears a princess dress…

Regina King wears a pink shiny gown.

I agree that Julia looked Timeless. Halle looks like a Timeless Jennifer Lopez sexy look. Anne Hathaway looks Trendy. Nicole looks Timeless because it looks sleek. They compare Nicole to Dustin Hoffman trannie Tootsie dress, in which I can see the similarity, which is funny. 


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