Choices Day 45

As a former teacher Valentines Day brings up some sad memories. There were always students who couldn’t afford Valentines and those who had very extravagant ones a great treats. The second year of teaching I made a new rule and the parents were not very happy.

I purchased all the Valentines. The students addressed them in class. Every student received a valentine from every student. There were many different pictures, and other than that the message was a poem (different ones) and the signature of the student. 

Parents were allowed to bring school approved treats, and no names were attached. They were set up when the children were not in the room. Every child had a name  by some treats so everyone participated even if I had to fill in for the parents with different treats.

Children sent thank you cards to each other and one home to all the parents for helping.

Today we will be delivering valentines cards, flowers and treats to a nearby care center. The care center is very helpful. They help us make treats in their kitchen so ever person has something they can enjoy and it’s safe for them to have. Some will be delighted and others will throw things and say “get out” and all will be well. None will be forgotten. So the care center is my first choice. 

Today I will get my 10,000 steps.

Today I will call the grandchildren and see if they opened their valentines.

Today I will work my short shift (10 hours).

The things I might do are bake cookies for the neighbors. Take a pickup load of books to the library for them to use or donate.  I will probably write, because I do that every day. I hope to edit 3 chapters today.

Other than those things I hope to relax.


What do you think?


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