Autoharp – Away in a Manger

My wife got me an autoharp a few years ago for Christmas. However, it wasn’t quite as easy to play as I thought it would be. I remember using the autoharp in elementary school, but in retrospect, we were only expected to play our one chord when it came up in a song with a very basic 4/4 strumming pattern. Doing a whole song a song by myself with key changes etc. was a bit more difficult. Nonetheless, here’s my autoharp version of Away in a Manger.

According to Wikipedia, the autoharp is a member of the chorded zither family. As you’ll see in the pictures below, the autoharp is a stringed instrument that you strum while changing the key by pressing the appropriate buttons.

Musicians that are autoharp experts are able to pick individual strings while playing. I just stuck with a basic strumming pattern. Nonetheless, I hope that my rendition provides you with some holiday cheer. Merry Christmas!


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Written by Chris B.

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