7 Wedding Styles for Fall Weddings 2018

  1. For the French Riviera Wedding, consider a pink jumpsuit, heart shaped sunglasses, red purse, heart shaped earrings, and everything else you need, all packed up inside a suitcase carrier.
  2. Western Wedding involves the bride and groom dressed in white denim clothing. The groom might also wear a white cowboy hat, but the cowboy boots and belt can be brown or black. A good choice would be mens square toe cowboy boots. The bride’s gown is in white denim, regardless of style. She might add a bandana accent. The bride might also wear cowboy boots, whether flat heels or high heels. She might wear horseshoe jewelry as her choice of detail accent. Some brides might prefer to braid their hair in the hairstyle of their choice. The wedding venue is usually rustic and woodsy.
  3. The Desert Wedding is usually at Palm Springs, Las Vegas, or Joshua Tree. It tends to have a Native Indian feel, whether Mexican accent or Native American accent. The wedding couple are dressed in white outfits in a vintage style. Accessories are also vintage-looking, even though they might be new. The bride and groom’s main accessories include tattoos and piercings. The wedding bouquet includes dried flowers and plants or succulent native plants. The bride’s headpiece might be an Indian headband with dried flowers for décor. She might also be wearing a necklace with a real feather pendant. Seating is on hay bales, covered with Mexican blankets.
  4. A Spotlight on a Celebrity Wedding: Model Chanel Iman and NFL Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard. Wedding couples wear customized rose gold and diamond rings. The wedding invitation is also white with gold cursive writing. Chanel Iman’s preferred wedding shoe is white Nike sneakers, which has both their initials engraved on it, CI and SS. (But these sneakers are mostly for the reception party). The bride carries a white boxy clutch with a marble-like design and “Mrs. S” in shiny metallic gold embellishment. Her bouquet is white Tibet roses. The wedding ceremony was inside a white tent, filled with white Tibet roses. Her bridesmaids included her model friends, Jourdan Dunn and Heidy De La Rosa, as well as for other girls. All 6 bridesmaids wore a white gown with side slit and off short top section hanging loosely on the shoulders. But there were spaghetti straps. Other model friends were at her wedding as guests, which include Shanina Shaik, Tori Praver, and Jasmine Sanders. Her cake was a five-tiered cake in vanilla, mixed vine berries, and buttercream icing. The couple’s first dance was to Sabrina Claudio’s Frozen. Sterling Shepard hangs out with his groomsman, which is his teammate Odell Beckham Jr. They also had milk shots with a cookie, and the cookie was pierced and attached to the milk shot glass with a red and white striped straw. Other famous guests included Tiffany Haddish, Gabrielle Union, and Chrissy Teigen. At the reception, she wore an off-white embroidered tulle gown, embellished soft lace cape, and sheer veil with her white sneakers. The gown is a blush pink colored tulle gown with petal appliques, plunging neckline, and a pink ribbon tied around her waist with a bow. There were 200 guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel at this March 2018 Wedding.
  5. The Vegan Wedding: the wedding takes place on the hiking trails by King Canyon waterfall. The lunch includes sprouted hummus and turmeric roasted cauliflower with kaffir cashews. Guests made their own natural drinks from adaptogenic herbal powders and water, such as a “cosmic hot chocolate” mixture. This morning ceremony was at Lotusland’s Moon Pool, before they had their lunch at the botanical garden’s lawn. The vegan wedding cake was a chocolate cake made from 100% cacao and Moon Juice’s Sex Dust. It did not have any grains, dairy or refined sugar.
  6. Japan-Style LOHO Wedding: (by the way, LOHO stands for League Of Her Own). The bride is wearing her kimono and wooden sandals with socks, as she prepares the ceremony in the morning. Flowers girls arrive, each carrying wooden vintage purses. (I have the same exact purse. I didn’t know it was Japanese style). Ikebana-style floral centerpieces are placed on each table. The wedding takes places at a Japanese garden with bridge, Koi fish pond and other Japanese props. Guests hang out by the waterfall during cocktail hour. Tables were covered with black matte tablecloths. The bride and her bridesmaids, each carried Baby’s Breath Bouquet. The bride wore an oval champagne-diamond ring. The bride’s reception dress is a white minidress with sheer puffy sleeves and sheer train that she wore with metallic platform shoes. She wore long white earrings. Instead of the tradition wedding cake, they couple preferred a champagne tower, in which a champagne glass and mochi ice cream was given to each guest. Entertainment involved wearing headphones for a silent disco. The bride and groom had their personalized logo on napkins, matchboxes and menu.
  7. The OC Wedding: (By the way, OC stands for Orange County, California).  French beaded garter in white and peach. Diamond-studded floral headband, white eye mask, silver nail lacquer, a gold baroque-style necklace for the bride, diamond-drop earrings in pearl and pink flower petals, facial cream, velvet peach long sleeve gown with wrap belt, chalice, diamond stud earrings surrounded by gold, peach colored marble design coasters, cards and envelopes, scarf mules, clutch in plexiglass box peach flap gold chain strap, diamond twin ring, Silver Satin tank gown with loose flowing vertical straps, monochromatic white pantsuit consists of white pants with strap belt, off-white sheer blouse, white ¾ sleeve jacket, and off-white open-toe booties, high heel sandals with fruit embellishments, strapless white lacy bodysuit, and gold hairpin. Must-haves in OC Weddings include modern artisanal handmade chocolate, rent your wedding tablecloths, dinnerware, glassware, and flatware. Add some fun balloon arches, wedding favors, and sparklers. Cute desserts that matches the style of your wedding. Customized your invitations.


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