5 Different Videos Analyze Superbowl 53 Symbolism

Monday, 2.4.19

I decided to compile five different videos, each made from five different Youtubers, about the recent Superbowl 53 symbolism. It is interesting what each person will notice about the same television show. I did notice most of the noted symbolism, but a couple I didn’t notice or realize.

Which video do you most agree with?

#1 Video 1 Analysis

I decided to watch this video to see what he notes from the recent Superbowl halftime show and its symbolism. This videos mostly notes the New Age symbolism for the New World Order and One World Government agenda. The symbolism promoted includes “ONE,” “LOVE,” masonic symbolism, satanic rituals, fire, witchcraft, and the “great deception.”

#2 Video 2 Analysis

Video 2 also analyzes the Superbowl53 halftime symbolism. Patriots vs Rams have to do with patriotism to the horned Baphomet. The game was played in Atlanta, Georgia, like in the song “Devil went down to Georgia.”

Power outage in America was depicted in one of the commercials.

#3 Video 3 Analysis

This video won't show up here because it has NFL content. If you want to watch it, then you will need to click on the video to see it on Youtube. 

#4 Video 4 Analysis

Video 4 even notes that the symbolism was more subtle than usual. I noticed the pyramid and letter V occurring a couple of times at different places.

Blood Bath satanic baptism?

ATL + IENS on jackets or “ALIENS” reference.

#5 Video 5 Analysis

It sounds like this video predicted the Patriots would win because of the “goat” named Tom Brady promoting the Illuminati agenda, although everyone agrees that the game sucked. It was really slow and it dragged, where both sides struggled to make touchdowns. Rams fumbled a couple of times when they were close to making a touchdown, while the Patriots actually made one as well as a couple of field goals, in which I thought was actually weak playing.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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