Why Choose Unarmed Security?

When you think of security guards, do you automatically conjure up images of mean looking men wielding weapons?  Movies often portray guards in this manner, leaving false impressions in the minds of many Americans.  Did you know that unarmed guards can be just as effective as armed guards in most situations?  They offer many benefits and are typically more cost-effective assets than armed guards.  Consider if unarmed security guards could be the solution for you!

Consider Your Needs?

In order to determine if you are a good candidate for unarmed security guards, take a moment to consider what you need from a security company.  Unarmed security is a great asset for businesses that already manage security with surveillance equipment but need a little something extra.  Furthermore, unarmed security guards can be a superior option for extra events that require you to ramp up your security temporarily.  Unarmed guards are also a great choice for those who have not previously utilized a security service, but due to a recent security threat are interested in adding further security to the premises without breaking the bank.

Before making a final decision regarding the wisdom of foregoing armed security for unarmed security guards, first consider if there is any chance you would need deadly force to mediate a threat?  Also, consider if your business or event could be vulnerable to dangerous incidents that may include armed criminals that need to be taken down?  If this all sounds way beyond the scope of your needs, it is quite possible unarmed security could be the right option for you and/or your business.

Consider These Great Reasons to Employ Unarmed Guards

Unarmed security guards are trained to handle a variety of security needs.  For businesses and situations with low threats for violence, criminal activities, or armed robbery, employing armed guards is simply overkill.  If your company needs equate to low-security issues, allow unarmed guards to assist your business in protecting and monitoring points of entry, surveillance monitoring, anti-theft measures, traffic control, etc.

Many people/businesses forego security altogether as they think there is no way they could afford guards.  Unarmed security guards can provide the best of both worlds, competent security at a reasonable cost, far below the cost of employing armed guards.  Unarmed security guards do not need to fulfill the same degree of training, expensive insurance, or license requirements that armed guards do.  However, this does not mean these guards lack skills and training.  They also are highly trained and can handle many security issues competently.

No business wants to handle liability issues.  When you employ armed guards, you invite in the possibility that someone may be injured or killed leaving your business with liability issues galore.  Thus, unless it is truly necessary for your business to have the protection of armed guards it can be better to allow unarmed guards to be the first defense.  Don’t forget, in the rare event that a true threat occurs, even unarmed guards have the skills to help detain criminals and contact the proper authorities immediately.  Thus, effectively mitigating the situation and taking liability issues off your hands.

Unarmed guards can be great assets to your business.  Their mere appearance can be enough to send a message that crime is not welcome.  Not every area of the country responds well to the appearance of guns.  Don’t deter customers or invoke fear by hiring armed security in a low-security climate.  Consider if unarmed security could perfectly serve the needs of your business today!


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Written by James Shrider

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