Ways to Make Your Business Meetings more Productive

Amit Raizada Entrepreneur said business calls and meetings are considered to be boring by many people, where some relatable gags do work out. There are many employees that consider these meetings or conference calls to be the most boring part of their job, where few admit to be falling asleep during a call. The participation of such employees is likely to affect the outcome of a meeting, making them unproductive and ineffective. However, you can follow the tips mentioned below to get the most out of your business meetings and hence, lead a productive business.

  • Face to face interaction: A conference call seems to be a convenient option for people, where they don’t need to travel a distance and hence, saves their precious time. A major loss associated with this communication mode is the loss of the human connection. On the other hand, a face to face contact is a better way to enhance collaboration and communication among employees, where this type of communication also leads to a better business relationship. Considering the era of remote workers and distributed teams, a visual communication helps in the reduction of the distance barrier along with facilitating team bonding. For businesses, which need to save their travel expenses and time, a video conferencing option is available to make a visual contact as an alternative to face to face meetings.
  • Timing is everything: As location is the top priority in the real estate industry, timing is a vital aspect in case of business meetings. A meeting should be scheduled in a manner that doesn’t hinder with the productivity of the business. Overloaded Mondays should never be preferred, where meetings must be scheduled in the late days of the week. A midday meeting will allow your employees to offer high productivity during the morning and afternoon time of the day.
  • Talk less, Perform more: Long meetings are commonly the most boring ones, where you must minimize the total meeting time and thus, focus on persuading actionable sessions. Pre-meeting information like the minute details of the last meetings and updates regarding the project to be covered can be discussed prior to the actual meet. You can use email services to deliver all the information, which can reduce the overall time of the meeting, where attendees will be available with ready-to-serve data regarding the main agenda of the meeting.
  • Give everyone a chance to speak: The most boring part of a meeting is to be there and doing nothing, except than listening to everyone else. So, you must call only needed participants to the meeting, thus ensuring that everyone gets a chance to place his/her views against others. You can deliver the same message to other employees via email or any other sources, while a meeting might provide a feel of a team effort, rather than a filibuster to all the attendees. So, a better involvement will get you a better result and vice versa.

With the help of the above tips, you can enhance the productivity of your business and hence, make up for a better communication with your employees, without making them a part of a long boring business meeting.


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Written by Shiraz Kahn

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