Ways Social media can help in Excellent Customer Service!

Have you ever been frustrated and complained to a brands’ social support? I have! Since social channels help customers to get an easy and early response, they’ve become the best platform to provide amazing customer service.

Oftentimes, you must have felt that your complaints on social channels are heard earlier with faster solutions.

Since social channels are a virtual platform, they publicly connect the business to customers. And this is why companies try to solve customer queries quickly, as it boosts satisfaction and builds brand image.

Providing amazing customer support services through social media isn’t hard and can help customers get an easy solution without a long wait. Nevertheless, how can businesses leverage social media to provide excellent customer service? Here is how:

Quick replies

When you hear about customer support, what do you imagine? Well, when I think of customer support, I envision services through emails, texts, and calls. Social media customer support is the new trend and most of us did not imagine social channels for quick replies earlier.

However, with the escalating importance of customer satisfaction and the increasing presence of business prospects on social channels, services through these mediums have become fundamental.

Quick replies to customer queries boost satisfaction, which is why businesses take customer-business communication through social channels very seriously. Since social media connects to all customers directly, it is, therefore, the best platform to promote services.

When customers receive a positive response instantly, it strengthens their trust in the business functions influencing them to enjoy the service.

Companies like Zomato, Uber, Amazon, Myntra, etc. offer splendid customer support, as they understand the significance of customer satisfaction.

Quick response through channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn help in providing amazing customer service, which is why these platforms are significant.

Public or private- Where to resolve!

A business can’t make each customer happy and therefore, it is important to be ready for the inevitable negative comments too.

To take care of customer requests, social channels need to differentiate among the queries that can be resolved in public from the ones that need personal assistance.

Social mediums boost customer satisfaction with their service excellence and therefore the agents should not avoid the requests that demand extra efforts.

Customers feel satisfied when their service provider gives importance to their query personally. So, when an issue needs personal assistance, deploy an agent to contact the customer over their preferred channel.

This boosts loyalty towards the business and strengthens brand image. Later, the customer may recommend you to other potential clients too, thus maintaining service quality is indispensable.

The best platform to post feedback and questions

Social media is an easily accessible platform where customers can reach without difficulty. Reaching the service provider with an issue was not easy earlier, however, social channels have resolved several customer concerns.

With the advent of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. clients now do not require waiting for long for emails or text reverts.

Social channels are a public platform and every business makes sure to answer the customer with a positive response on these networks to gain trust and maintain the business image. With companies having an active social support system, they easily answer to their customers, connect to them personally and save time and efforts of both the customer and the agent.

Since social channels give the feasibility of responding within minutes, it earns supreme satisfaction of the clients and builds business brand image too. It is one big reason companies nowadays look forward to augmenting their customer services by leveraging social support!

Using names/initials

In todays’ tech-savvy world, generating a sense of relines in the mind of the customer is hard. There are several similar and more high-tech service providers in the market, which has raised the competition bar. Nevertheless, a strategical approach can help!

Using tactics like naming the prospects’ profile name while addressing her/him gives the customer a sense of gravity, as they feel important to be quoted by the brand.

Quoting names on the business social page gives a positive sign to the customer and its’ a good strategy to retain customer satisfaction. Doing so builds a sense of confidence in the customer to keep enjoying the services.

Companies nowadays use the same social media strategy in emails, texts, and calls too, where they quote the customer by her/his name to answer the inquiry.

Turning negativity into positivity

Social media reactions are the best way to convert negative customer reviews into positive ones! Companies through their social channels can re-gain customer satisfaction with a correct approach! It is not about defending oneself on any issue but trying to compensate the customer in case the fault is on the service end.

Granting compensation is a great strategy to hold back customers and avoid attrition.

Through social mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., companies apologetically get back to the customer and offer compensation. It is an easy way to transform the customers’ negative reviews by giving a message that their satisfaction matters!

Easy monitoring

Social media platforms easily manage customer support. Monitoring tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, etc. help companies listen to their customer queries popping up on each platform accessed by a representative.

Since your business service through a social channel is always online, the tools notify the business agent in case of any query, which thereafter is resolved easily.

Without using a tool and not having access on a social platform, businesses cannot deliver the same swift customer service. Companies that connect to their customers only through emails or texts, do not provide instant response and call abandonment is also a challenge for them. All these factors signify the pertinence of social media for businesses today.

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