Utilize The Support: 4 Benefits Of Obtaining A VA Loan

Veterans in the USA can receive multiple benefits. These benefits are pieces of gratitude from the nation for their service. Veterans make over 7% of the US adult population.

Each state will have its own unique set of benefits available. It could be vouchers, funding for schools or help with finding employment.

A common benefit available across the nation is a VA loan. It is a popular mortgage option for those eligible. A VA loan helps veterans and military members to become homeowners. They can do so at an affordable cost.

If you are a veteran or a military member and you are looking to buy a house, consider these benefits of obtaining a VA loan.

Competitive Interest Rates

The VA does not fund VA loans. They are not direct loans from the government. The rates offered are not set by the VA.

A VA loan is offered by savings-and-loans institutions, credit unions, mortgage lenders and US banks. It means that each one can set its rates and fees for a VA loan.

Look at the current VA loan interest rates available from Hero Loan. You are likely to find a rate that works for you and your budget. Compare the different loan offers available before deciding.

Eased Credit Requirements

Credit score requirements have eased. It has not made it easier for many veteran and military member buyers. VA lenders look for a credit score of at least 620.

You will have to meet a higher threshold for conventional mortgages. It will have to be higher if you want a great interest rate. 620 is considered an acceptable credit score range. It is a tier below good and two below excellent.

No Down Payment To Save For

Saving enough can be difficult for veterans. The constant moving between locations can impact their finances. It can make it challenging to save enough for a down payment.

Traditional loan programs require a small down payment. A VA loan is one of the only exceptions. Veterans can purchase a home without having to pay a down payment. 

Veterans do not have to spend years saving enough to cover the costs. The money saved can be used for other fees and home improvement costs.

Reduce Closing Costs

You will have to pay for closing costs. They occur with any mortgage loan chosen. A VA loan can limit the fees and expenses you will have to pay. You can ask the sellers to pay all of their loan-related closing costs. You can also see if they will pay up to 4% of the purchase price. It could be for prepaid taxes and insurance, collections, and judgments.


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