Top 4 obstacles that stop BPO Firms to deliver Terrific Customer Service

In the business world, a company with maximum customers is considered successful. That’s why business owners often avail call center services India from reputed BPO firms so that customers always get the best possible support service.

In order to make the bond between clients and their customers stronger, BPO firms always do their best. Owing to some blunders, BPO firms sometimes get criticized for delivering an average customer service.

As far as business growth is concerned, there is no room for mistakes. Therefore, it is paramount for BPO firms to wipe-out all those factors that work as an obstacle while delivering an unparalleled customer service.

Do you want to know about top obstacles that prevent BPO firms to deliver stupendous customer service? The following points are written only for you. So, take a look:

  • Poor teamwork

To make call center services India more preferable, it is always recommended to solve customers’ queries in the first attempt. Support agents always try hard for the same. But sometimes complex issues consume more than expected time to be resolved, which consequently, affects the CSAT score.

In order to keep the CSAT score stable, junior support agents are instructed to transfer the customer call to seniors when it comes to dealing with intricate issues. From the business’s point of view, this tactic should be appreciated.

Because of poor teamwork, customers have to repeat the provided information multiple times, which as a result, affect the quality of the support service.

So, it is paramount for agents to transfer the call with all the information that customers provided as this will help to reduce the overall handle time, which, in turn, leads to the delivery of terrific customer service.

  • Scripted communication

For keep rendering impeccable call center services India, BPO firms of USA, UK, etc. provide call scripts to agents. The factor that brings the CX levels down is ‘Scripted communication.’ Usually, support agents follow call scripts so strictly in order to provide the best assistance to customers.

Doing so makes agents start sounding a bit stilted, which can demolish the personal touch that customers often want. At last, this trims the CSAT score.

So, it is vital for support agents to stop depending on scripts and start believing their skills to offer an unmatched customer service.

  • Unreliable customer data 

Nowadays, customers expect a company to have the access of their personal details, previous transaction history, etc. This is so because customers don’t want to explain anything except issues during the interaction with support agents.

But the hassle of high customer attrition rate comes out when a company doesn’t manage crucial data related to patrons.

Therefore, it is extremely important for BPO firms to instruct customer service agents to keep updating the customer data after every interaction as that’s the only way to maintain the reliability of the CRM system.

Needless to mention, an optimized CRM system can easily help to deliver an outstanding customer service.

  • Low FCR rate

Last but not the least is the FCR (first call resolution). FCR is a proven operating philosophy of the BPO firms in delivering quality support service. Having a low FCR rate is the most cited factor that brings BPO firms into question. Having a low FCR rate is the most cited factor that brings BPO firms into question. In the business world, the quality of your support service gets judged on how well you solve customers’ queries in the first attempt. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that FCR is the most important parameter to decide the quality of support service.

Statistically, this happens when a company solves customers’ issues in the first attempt:

  • 92% of customers are more likely to continue the association with the company.
  • 88% of customers give positive feedback in the surveys.
  • 86% of customers recommend the company to their loved ones.

After knowing these stats, you shouldn’t have more questions on why both FCR rate and quality customer service go hand in hand.

Wrapping up:

To maintain the business’s credibility, it is significant to offer terrific customer service. With the help of this article, we have discussed the most cited obstacles that don’t let BPO firms provide unsurpassable support service. But there are some that are yet to be told such as:

  • Delayed response.
  • Lack of commitment.
  • Unreliable IVR system.
  • Less workforce.
  • Improper monitoring.

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