Top 10 Mistakes of Makeup Boxes That You Can Easily Correct Today

Makeup boxes are a treat to watch. The fact that they represent cosmetic items automatically relates them to all the glitz and glamour that is fundamentally associated with the cosmetic industry. Cosmetics are an essential part of our daily routine. Every one of us, regardless of age and genre, use some kind of cosmetic. The boxes that they come in are not only informative and descriptive about the products that they encase, but they are also a visual treat. It is most commonly observed that these types of boxes are exclusively designed to attract the commoner’s eyes and allure them to make an impulsive purchase. Special beautifying techniques are applied to them only for this purpose. The most appealing part of this packaging style is that in spite of all these embellishments, they still remain cost-effective and affordable to all.

Cosmetics and packaging:

Cosmetic business is a tricky field. The competition is cut-throat, and the variety and types of products are almost unthinkable. It is becoming harder and harder with each passing day to stand out and remain at the top of the sales chart for even some of the most established and well-known brands. This situation has made the manufacturers to compulsorily focus on some other elements related to their products as well in order to enhance and identify their commodities in the market. Namely packaging! For all obvious reasons, when the competition is this much fierce, and a distinction is discreet, there has to be something extra that could aid and help the product to achieve its ulterior motives.

Impact of packaging:

Every now and then, we witness high definition super glossy professional makeup boxes on the market aisles that leave us entirely spellbound. We have to agree that these are the times when we make purchases that we did not even plan for. Such is the power of a compellingly designed display box. They can be the make and breakpoints of a product’s sales in the market. What looks good, sells! It is as simple as that. However, just like a well-designed box can give your sales chart a kick start, small and otherwise unnoticeable mistakes in a packaging box can send your product down the drain within no time as well. Discussed below are some of the most common errors that cosmetic manufacturers make while designing their custom makeup boxes and pay a heavy price.

1. Mismatched designs:

A blunder on the rocks! How would you expect a lady even to try out a makeup item that is offered in the winters, and its exterior exhibits all the vibes of summer? Your box design is an emblem of what and why your product is presented in the market. Make it according to the nature of your product so that people could identify and make a purchase without any ambiguity.

2. Overstuffed information:

People like to know, but they only want to be informed as much as what is absolutely necessary. A box that is overly cramped with descriptive texts is not acknowledged at all and instead diverts the potential consumers towards other products that have a concise and comprehensive narrative about their attributes.

3. Oversize package:

Size matters a lot more than you actually think it does. Imagine for a second that you walk into a market and select an awesomely designed professional makeup box, and as soon as you lift it up to check it, you begin to feel the product inside rotating and moving inside the box? Major turnoff! Is it not? The size of your package should be such that your commodity actually fits into it without any lose areas to roam about in.

4. Under-sized package:

Just like a bigger box for a smaller product is unfit. Small tables for more prominent commodities are also something extremely annoying for the consumers and unhealthy for a product’s sales factors. An appropriate packaging is the one that lets the object encased inside to breathe free and also not so free as to go lose and get damaged.

5. Complex unboxing:

Modern man is all about attraction and convenience. They prefer to use things that do not impose any inconvenience on them. If your package design is too complicated and takes a considerable time before completely opening up. The chances are high that it will not be approved or openly excepted.

6. Unemotional:

People like to emotionally relate to the products that they use. Especially when it comes to makeup products, they are very concerned about what they should try out on their skins. If your package can hit the mark and relate to the common man’s skin or makeup related issues, you have an increased chance of maxing out your sales. Otherwise, stay prepared for the other way around.

7. Low-quality printing:

The quality of your product encapsulation depicts your concern towards the convenience of your potential consumers. Buyers believe that if the packaging is substandard, so would be the product that is encased inside of it. Smudged images and bleed inks never succeed in bagging a commendable impression for both the product and the brand that it is associated with.

8. Non-eco-friendly:

Environment-friendly is the new rage of the masses. Modern man is well aware of what they are using and how it would affect the environment around them. Selection of hazardous material for the manufacturing of your packaging boxes would result in a marred image of your brand in the market

9. Less informative:

Makeup is something that requires special care to be taken before getting applied on the skin. Your package necessarily has to have the necessary information about the forming constituents of the encased product and its manufacturing and expiry dates. If you miss out on them, you are making a mass be mistake of even imposing a health concern on your potential buyers.

10. Over Expensive:

Investing too much on a product otherwise more common and inexpensive may result in generating little to no revenue for your company. Packaging cost also adds up to the overall prices of a commodity and if a product is not so expensive generally but becomes pricey due to the additional expense that you would have to add to cover up your investment cost. The chances are high that customers would turn to some other manufacturer offering the same product in a more sensible price range. Makeup boxes wholesale also help in reducing your costs over boxing concerns, but the essential thing is to invest and think wisely.

These are some of the most common mistakes that are made while manufacturing or designing makeup boxes. However, none of them is such that it cannot be corrected or effectively rectified. It is just a matter of a little overhauling and rethinking and reevaluating your strategies.


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