Tips for Better Amazon PPC Management

Taking help from Amazon is the best way to drive in traffic as it has over 2.64 billion visitors every month. It has a higher conversion rate than what you will experience on Google ads or Facebook ads. PPC advertising acts like a cherry on the top in this you pay to show up on Amazon with the aim to increase the visibility of your product. Paying for each click a potential customer performs makes PPC a cost-effective way of advertising. Same as Google ads, Amazon PPC has a bidding system where seller bids on keywords in hope to appear on top on Amazon Search Result Page (SERP). Vendor Central and Seller Central are the two Amazon selling platform. Vendor central is for bigger sellers whereas seller central is for the small sellers. If you find this difficult to understand then you can search for Amazon PPC management company who works for you and with the aim to increase conversions.

The first thing before advertising on Amazon is to ensure that your product details are set up properly as bad product display can lead to problems while selling. Before PPC be sure:

  • You need to maintain complete transparency about your product as not doing so can result in bad reviews which will impact your ad and product ranking.
  • You need to upload as many images of the product as you can because customers are more likely to buy the product when they see it.
  • You need to set a perfectly competitive price, be sure that your product is at a good price as compared to competitors.
  • Reviews play a very important role when it comes to ranking. If you provide misleading information or quality of the product doesn’t match the expectations, then Amazon will lower your product ranking.

If you are not using any Amazon PPC tool, then it is always recommended to go for the automatic campaign. It is the point from where Amazon PPC journey begins as it will provide complete information you may require getting started without any additional keywords or advertising tools. Amazon will suggest you keywords and allow you to bid for a lower price until you get any conversion. Once you get the first conversion take that search term and place it in new match manual exact same campaign. Repeat this process for each search term that gets a conversion. For keywords that don’t provide any conversion are said to be negative keywords, keywords for which you don’t want to appear your product. But remember that if a search term gets one conversion then you should put it in manual exact match campaign, this method is called an inch-up method.

Amazon has a higher conversion rate and lower competition when compared to Google. Amazon PPC management is easy to do as it takes a lot of features from Google. If you are new to Amazon PPC then Google ads are a great place to learn the history of PPC as Amazon ads are new so, the educational material is limited but you will soon understand the power.


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