The United States blacklisted several companies of China and Russia

The US Department of Finance has blacklisted several Russian and Chinese companies on violating the economic sanctions imposed on North Korea.The United States raised this move under the policy-to-hold pressure on the North Korea nuclear program to end.

The US government accused Chinese company  and its sub-company that they exported alcohol and cigarettes to North Korea through fake documents.The Treasury Department claimed that through this illegal trade of cigarettes, the North Korean government earns a billion dollars a year.

Washington also blacklisted Russia’s profenent in violation of UN sanctions. The Donald Trump administration alleged that the profenent provided facilities to fuel and fuel the North Korean ships at the three ports of Russia.

Long-term relations between the US and North Korea were disconnected, However, recently the snow is melted between the two countries., in result of  a historic meeting in Singapore between US President Donald Trump and North Korea Chief Kim Jung., while when North Korea also announced its end to nuclear program.

It was hoping that now North Korea could come out of isolation in the world and return to the mainstream, However, it seems that it will take a long time for the restoration of the matter.

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