The New Chairman – part 8

Mort Panludd made a speech about changes.  He gave no specifics.  The lower level employees were worried, but we knew puffery when we heard it.    His speech was repetitious, using little words;

“We have to find new ideas.   New ideas.   We need new ideas.”

After wasting about fifty minutes saying nothing, he then told us to go to our posts.   I comforted those who actually thought he had said something and that their jobs were in danger.

For no particular reason, during his speech he launched a verbal attack on a competitor  making unsubstantiated and vague claims.  I almost cheered, for I knew what would happen. For the next three, four, six  months, the focus would be on the ‘war’ he started.   Not on what was happening  in the office.

Interestingly, the competitor Panludd attacked was the one which had lured our Boss from Hell to their ranks. This should be the battle of the century!

After the speech we  continued as we had.  We collected the pay packs for people who had quit years ago, then doubled up on our ‘Outside Contracts’.

As Pud, (as we called him) was out of the office almost continuously,  having press conferences and attending meetings,  there was  no one watching us.  We didn’t have to sneak in and out, we didn’t have to hide.  There was no Boss from Hell tracking our every breath.

There was Pud, a distracted fool, who was rarely in his office.

Considering his stupidity,  the diversions he created, we were more active during the next year than we had been in the five years we suffered under the Boss from Hell.


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