The New Chairman – part 6

Ken finished his smoke.

We had suffered under the oppression of the Boss from Hell. Being under contract made quitting impossible. We’d taken opportunities, ‘reparations’ we called them, for the damage to our egos.

When we started collecting the pay packs of those who had walked off the job, it just wasn’t enough. As the Company often hired ‘independent contractors’ for fairly simple stuff, we created our own ‘outside agencies’ and took the cash, unaware of how much we would actually collect.

We wisely invested that money, and made even more money.

Each month when we checked our ‘special balance’  we considered it compensation for the daily insults, demands, abuse we put up with during the reign of the Boss from Hell.

It was gaining that money why we signed another two year contract.

Now, with the BfH gone, we didn’t want to go back to our salaries and jobs, and lose all the extra cash, or, face investigation.

If they put that moron, Panludd, in the Chairman’s seat, we could coast for another year; if he was as stupid as I thought… more than another year.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar