The New Chairman – part 5

Under the Boss from Hell, the company was not losing money.  Audits were done in a general manner, as there was no reason to look behind any of the bills.

If a real Chairman came, someone who knew anything about the industry or business in general, I think we’d have to migrate to Brazil.

With the departure of the BfH we needed a guy like Mort Panludd.

We needed a loud mouthed clown who, in his delusion, thought he was respected. We needed distractable egoist who thought everyone as stupid or stupider than he is.

I’d done my research and was sure that if Panludd got the job, he’d spend his time blustering and blabbing, becoming the joke of the industry. He’d be too busy looking for the television cameras,  attacking his detractors, and others he insulted. Too busy making speeches, wasting money and time on his ‘image’ than on what was happening in the business.

If I read Mort Panludd right, he wouldn’t have the head space to imagine what  Ken and Tanya and Dougie and I were doing, and we could keep going  another year, until our contracts ended.


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Written by jaylar

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