The New Chairman – 1

Ken came into my office, flung himself on the sofa and tossing an ankle over a knee said;

“Tell me again why we want Mort Panludd?”

I didn’t glance up from the computer screen;   “Because he’s an idiot,”  I said calmly.

Ken is someone who doesn’t take quick answers, and sometimes asks rhetorical questions.

I finished what I was doing and came to him. I sat down, we lit cigarettes, (sure, there’s no smoking in the building.  That’s why the smoke detectors have been trashed, the windows are opened,  and I always have some flowers by the door).

I took a puff and said; “Our department is overfunded, overstaffed and does nothing.  Any sensible Chairman would cut us by 80%.   Mort’s an idiot.  He doesn’t know anything about technology.  He’s a loud mouthed, uncouth slob whose lived off Daddy’s money all his life.” ‘

“Sherry, the guy will humiliate us in public!”

“Exactly!” I smiled.


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Written by jaylar

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