The Lucky One – Kim (2)

Kim sat at her desk and tried to gain composure.   This wasn’t the first time she had found a defective file . A defective file, prepared for Court with sharp flaws.   A defective file, prepared  by her boss’s  son.  Her boss’s son, who had no qualifications, but was entrusted to prepare Court Documents.

Court Documents so flawed, that they would be hurled out.

Kim looked at her computer screen as if she was doing something instead of trying to hold back tears.   How did she come to work for this horrible man?

She had believed the hype.

He had set himself as some great benefactor, some fighter for human rights.  But he didn’t care about anything but money.

Sometimes she’d hear the voice of a disgruntled client slipping from behind the closed door.  Sometimes; nearly every week.

How many people would he rip off before something happened?


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Written by jaylar

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